Facebook Advertising: Access an endless supply of leads

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With more than 1 billion users logging in every day, Facebook is now the biggest source of fresh international property and investment leads for Lead Galaxy clients.

The social network is ideal for property advertising, with large format adverts combining text and imagery in prime, high visibility placements. The profile-based user environment means that it is possible to target leads precisely, by country, language and interest.

We have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds to understand every single feature of the platform, so that we can deliver long and successful campaigns.
Here are just three reasons why our Facebook advertising service is the best option for you:

Unrivalled database

Lead Galaxy is the only place you can access our huge, proprietary database. Reach an unrivalled pool of international investors, made up of millions of property and investment prospects. Even if you run your own Facebook advertising, you can only target our database by working with Lead Galaxy.

Our regular clients love Facebook advertising and now consider it one of their most important sources of leads, with high conversion rates and consistently great feedback.

Multi-lingual targeting

Targeting is one of the most important factors in achieving ROI. We have segmented our users by country of interest, geographic location, language, and interest. We will start your campaign by first identifying and targeting the most relevant audience, so that adverts are delivered at maximum efficiency.

Our new multi-lingual advertising service means that you can target people around the world in their own language, making our geographic targeting even more effective. We have already run successful campaigns in everything from Mandarin to Dutch.

Endless supply of leads

Our Facebook advertising is effective for campaigns of all sizes, with a variety of prices. For mainstream products with mass-market appeal – and for clients with deep enough pockets! – we can scale up your advertising to reach more prospects with virtually no limit. Access almost an an endless supply of leads.

How much does it cost?

There is a compulsory one-off fee of £95 for creative and campaign setup by our team of marketing and design experts. We also recommend a dedicated landing page for a separate, one-off free of £95. A multi-lingual campaign can be added for an additional £95 per language.

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Like the sound of Facebook advertising?

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