Making email marketing more affordable

New Email Marketing Prices July 2016

Email marketing is still one of the most popular solutions for international property advertisers. At Lead Galaxy, we want to make it one of the most affordable too.

As of today, we are making a significant change to our pricing strategy for international property advertisers.

We are now offering agents, developers and other overseas property professionals email marketing campaigns from just £20, €20 or $20 per lead, depending on the location of the property.

We run digital sales campaigns for a host of international clients, some of which feature international content, some country-specific, while others are focused on specific categories or classes of property. We manage dozens of email lists, sending millions of newsletters each month with an average delivery rate of over 97 per cent.

“No matter where your international property is, Lead Galaxy can help accelerate your sales efforts with an email blast sent to buyers and investors interested in that type of opportunity,” says Lead Galaxy Chief Executive Officer, Dan Johnson. “Lead Galaxy is the only place you can access our lists and reach a buying-ready pool of international investors. The affordable pricing structure is fair to advertisers and eliminates the risk of paying up-front to try out our solutions.”

Only pay for results

Fees are only charged when you receive enquiries on your product

Low cost, low risk

Try one of the smaller lists with as little as $250 credit

Quality commitment

Full, transparent refund policy to maintain lead standards.

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