NRIs: Reaching around the globe

Non-Resident Indians are an influential global investment audience – where are they and how can you reach them?

What are NRIs?

Indian citizens continue to migrate to diverse destinations around the world for a variety of reasons, from work to education. According to the US Census Bureau, there are more than 3.4 million NRIs in the United States of America, while the UK’s NRI population is over 1.4 million, according to the Office for National Statistics.

NRIs are the only international group that can easily invest in Indian property, which makes them an essential target market for Indian developers and agents. With India now the world’s fastest growing major economy, more and more NRIs are looking to invest in their home country’s property market.

Where are they?

Research by Lead Galaxy shows that NRIs are more reachable than ever, through its market-leading digital advertising.

Across the UK, Middle East, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore, there are more than 10.6 million NRIs and similar users interested in investing property, reveals Lead Galaxy.

How can I reach them?

In the UK alone, 4.4 million NRIs and similar users interested in property investments can be reached through Facebook, with that figure doubling when the Middle East is included.

Almost 1 million NRIs and similar investors can be reached through Google across the same countries, using Lead Galaxy’s unique, targeted data, which is based on those who have used its portals and other methods to enquire about investing in real estate.

“NRIs are a global audience that Indian agents and developers should be harnessing – after all, they’re the only international group that can easily invest into the Indian property market. Although they are vast in number, it takes expertise to be able to target them efficiently,” comments Dan Johnson, CEO of Lead Galaxy.

“Lead Galaxy has invested millions of pounds working out the best way of targeting international property buyers using a variety of digital media platforms. Along with our own databases of investors, our sophisticated channel management skills make us the partner of choice for developers and brokers looking to tap into demand from NRI investors around the world.”

NRI LG Infographic

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